About Riffle

What is Riffle?

Simpler than Goodreads and as beautiful as Pinterest, Riffle is a new site for finding and sharing books.

As part of the Riffle community, you can:

  • Organize your favorite books into eye-catching, dramatic, or just quirky lists that you can share across the Web
  • Find out what books your favorite bloggers and authors are reading and recommending
  • Discover new must-reads!

In a recent articlePublishers Weekly asked, “Could Riffle be the Pinterest of Book Discovery?” Request your invite now and find out!

What is Odyl?
Odyl, the developer behind Riffle, is a New York based Facebook Preferred Developer that has helped many #1 NYT bestselling authors and the ‘big six’ publishers connect with readers on Facebook. Our app’s content has been so widely shared that already more than 1 billion Facebook News Feeds have been created about books and authors.
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